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GSM Flood/Water Detector Alarms

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The Aqua GSM Water Detector detects leaks, floods and rising water and send water alarm alerts to up to 6 chosen contact numbers.

Use where traditional water detectors do not suffice, like void property, storage areas, computer
rooms, basements, holiday houses, boats, etc.

This water detector alarm is entirely self-supporting with a built-in GSM module and powered by ready available 3v lithium battery.

With the low-power design the detector runs over a year on one battery.  As soon as water is detected, the detector sends GSM alarm reports by SMS and/or telephone calls.

All Express GSM alarm settings and preferences can be set and changed easily via the Free Apps for Android & iPhone, website interface or Text commands.

*SIM card required. Any network Apart from 3 .

 Aqua GSM Water Alarm 139.98

Further Information: Aqua GSM Brochure
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Product Contents: Product Features:
1 (One) Express GSM Aqua Water Alarm Receive water leak and flood alerts by text message
1 (One) Battery Power failure reports by SMS and/or telephone call
1 (One) Installation / User instructions Power reinstatement reports
*SIM card required. Any network Apart from 3 . Test reports on selected frequency
  Battery low reports
  Programming: via SMS
  Sensors can be connected to the NO/NC input