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GSM Door Alarm

  The Express GSM Polus is a detector that will send Alarm Alerts to your phone if a door or window is opened. No additional mains power or telephone landline are required.

This GSM door alarm is an idea way to monitor and protect any door remotely when you need to know someone has entered a property or closed door area.

Use to secure empty rental properties, as a vacant property alarm, monitor holiday home use, serviced apartments, bed sit accommodation, storage areas, offices, caravans, boats and retail premises and shops.

Arm the detector using the metal swipe tag. After this any opening of the door or window will cause this battery powered door alarm call and send Text Alarm Alerts to up to 6 chosen contact telephone numbers.

All Express GSM alarm settings and preferences can be set and changed easily via the Free Apps for Android & iPhone, website interface or Text commands.

*SIM Card Required. Any network apart for 3.

  119.98 Inc VAT

Further Information:
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Product Contents: Product Features:
1 (One) Polus GSM Door Alarm Monitor any Door and be alerted to it opening
1(One) Metal Swipe Tag Will Alert up to 6 contact numbers by call and or Text
Required batteries No mains power or Telephone landline require
Free Smartphone Apps Idea door alarm for void properties, rental property, holiday homes, storage units, garages and caravans
User Instructions & Free Customer Support
*SIM Card Required. Any network apart for 3. Free Smartphone App or iPhone and Android