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  The Photo express is easy to configure via the Free Apps for Android & iPhone, website interface or Text commands.

Use this mains power free, battery powered intruder detector with built in camera to remotely monitor your property using your mobile phone with intruder images sent to your email account.No WIFI or PC connections are required as this GSM camera detector operates over the mobile phone network using Security SIM Card to send intruder alerts directly to your mobile phone and/or email address.

Please click here for a Photo Express E3 Brochure .

When an intruder is detected the Photo Express will call and send SMS Text alerts to your mobile phone. The camera will take one or two pictures of the protected area and send them to your email address to be viewed on your SmartPhone or any emailed enabled device.

The Photo Express is set and unset by using a wireless keyfob remote control within 15m of the unit. You can turn the photo detector into a full alarm system by adding a 85db wireless siren with flashing strobe light.

The alarm is easy armed and disarmed via the wireless keyfob remote control. Up to 6 Keyfobs can be used. Click here to add Extra Keyfobs.

  GSM CCTV Camera System 249.98 Inc VAT

Further Information:
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Photo Express User Instructions
Product Contents: Product Features:
1 (One) Photo Express E3 Image verification of Intruder to email address
1 (One) Security SIM Card Will Alert Up to 6 Numbers of Intruder Detection
1 (One) Keyfob Remote Control No Mains Power Required
Full instructions No Landline or WIFI Connection Required
  Supplied with roaming security SIM Card
  Free IPhone and Android Smartphone APP
  Easily monitor any property remotely