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GSM Alarms > Full range of GSM Alarm Systems and GSM Detectors

We supply a range of GSM alarms and intruder alarm systems for home and business users. Our range of security products monitor and protect properties without using mains power or telephone landlines to operate and commutate with you and your chosen contact telephone numbers. This makes our GSM alarm systems versatile and effective security systems no matter where they are used.

GSM Alarm System Photo Express GSM Alarm System

Standalone GSM Alarm with PIR Security Camera. Receive photo conformation of who entered your property by email.

GSM Alarm System GSM Alarm System

Full GSM Alarm system for use as house alarm or business burglar alarm system.


Quickly and Easily monitor any void or empty property with Alerts to your mobile phone.

Alpha Arsenal - Photo Express GSM Security Camera Alarm

GSM Movement Detector with Security Camera.


Shipping container alarm Container Alarm

GSM Shipping container alarm with PIR movement sensor and text alerts and security camera images.

mobeye argos i200 Mobeye Argos i200 GSM Alarm

All in one, standalone GSM Alarm system.

GSM Door Alarm Polus - GSM Door Alarm

Secure and monitor any property, holiday home, storage unit, office or retail premises with this GSM door alarm.

SIM Cards for Alarm Systems SIM Cards for GSM Alarm Systems

Cost effective and dedicated SIM Cards for alarm systems.

Environmental GSM detectors for water, flood, leak and temperature monitoring.

Aqua - GSM Water Detector

Receive warnings of leaks or flood water direct to your mobile phone.

Remotely monitor the temperature anywhere with this GSM Temperature Alarm Thermo - GSM Temperature Sensor

Remotely monitor the temperature anywhere with this GSM Temperature Alarm.

Universal GSM Dialler Module and GSM Smoke Detector
  Universal GSM Dialler

Use this GSM Dialler to alert you to any change in normally open or closed contacts.